Moving between Vashj’ir quests – finding your way around Vashj’ir quest hubs

Vashj’ir. You either love it or hate it. WoW’s first underwater zone was a very ambitious project, and it’s led to a very ambitious and rather confusing zone, not helped by the dozens of vashj’ir quest hubs. If you haven’t played through the zone yet, it’s really worth doing. There’s some really fun Vashj’ir quests, and if you’re a lore nerd this zone was made for you.

Starting Vashj’ir

If you haven’t played through the questline that opens up the Vashj’ir zone initially, you need to do that first. See our guide to getting to Vashj’ir if you’re uncertain how to get to the zone in the first place.

After the initial few quests, you’ll find yourself in The Legion’s Fate if you’re a Horde player, or The Briny Cutter if you’re Alliance. These two starting questhubs are very close to each other, which meant that the surrounding area was a chaotic killzone of PvP combat during the early days of Cataclysm. Thankfully, it’s calmed down a little by now, so you should be able to work your way through the first few quests largely unmolested.



The first thing to do is to get your ‘sea legs’. Sea Legs, in this case, is actually the name of a buff which increases your swim speed and allows you to breathe underwater. You’re not going to get far in this zone without that! Get your Sea Legs by talking to Erunak Stonespeaker.

Taming your seahorse

Swimming around Vashj’ir is going to be slow. Luckily, you’ll soon have the opportunity to obtain your very own Abyssal Seahorse mount. It’s an easy quest reward, so there’s no reason not to grab it as soon as the quest becomes available.

After you’ve played through the quests at the initial questhub, you’ll be led to Kelp’thar Forest and Moanah Stormhoof, who’ll give you the quest to tame your seahorse. It’s a pretty easy quest. Just rope a seahorse when it gets close enough, and then follow the on-screen instructions to make sure you don’t fall off! Remember, when you’re asked to lean to the left or lean to the right, there’s no point trying to move your character with your mouse. You need to press one of the new buttons on your action bar to encourage your seahorse to move in the correct direction. If you manage to hold on for a minute or so, your seahorse will give up the fight and become a docile and obedient mount. Return to Moanah Stormhoof and hand in the quest and bingo – you just got yourself an underwater mount!

The Abyssal Seahorse will be a permanent mount, added to your other mounts, but can only be summoned in underwater areas. If you’re a druid with the glyph of aquatic form, then you’ll move almost as fast in aquatic form as you do on your seahorse, but it’s still a cool mount.

From here on in you should be set – the quests move along in a logical sequence. Good luck!

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