Danger: Playing Alts Can Harm Your Gameplay?

Vidyala has a great post fresh off the Manalicious press about how playing alts could do bad things to your playing ability. That’s a big statement given the perceived wisdom in character-centric games is that the more characters you play the better your overall knowledge of the game, but Vidyala’s got a good argument here.

First off, rest assured she’s not saying you should never ever play alts and there aren’t any benefits to doing so. What she is saying is that spreading your focus amongst several characters can get in the way of your concentrating on playing your main to the best of your abilities.

There’s just one possible pitfall, and I’m afraid it blindsided me…There’s no right or wrong way to play a game, there’s only deciding what’s right for you. But if you are a progression raider looking to maximize your play, I’m going to suggest something radical: playing too many alts might be hurting you, as it was me.

It’s one of those “so simple it’s obvious but I’d never have thought of it” things. Vidyala talks about how, once she realised how alting was affecting her playing her main mage, she buckled down and found she could vastly improve her playing. And she’s got some ideas about how to play alts while still focusing on your main, too. Now I don’t feel so silly for having so many warriors!

What do you think – is it a good thing to have alts of many different classes or not? Does it depend on what you aim to achieve in WoW?

_Quote taken directly from Vidyala’s post

You can find Vidyala’s Manalicious homepage here_

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Does Age Affect Gameplay In MMOs?

Peashooter’s in a bit of an age-related quandary. He went on a guild Heroic dungeon run the other night and there was a particular part of it some of them could do and some of them couldn’t. The obvious difference between the five guildies? According to Pea, nothing but age.

Peashooter says during his social interactions in the game he’s come to realise he’s a jot older than most players, and the majority of people he’s met are below 33 years old. That’s quite a specific data point, and I find it interesting as the playerbase I know well are much more balanced but the average is still around 33. Even so, Pea doesn’t consider himself old.

When people address me as “Mr.”, I still immediately assume they are referring to my father. Sure, I’m married (for 13 years now!), I’m a father to 4 children, and I work full time.  But… I still make time to play a video game. Gamers can’t be “old”, can we? … Two of us in the group struggled with dodging the poop.  We were the older players. The three twenty-somethings had no issues…

That’s why Peashooter’s wondering whether age plays a part in game performance or whether it’s just a case of how you relate to the situation at hand, regardless of whether you’re a spring lamb or a stately tortoise in years. He’s genuinely asking for feedback on whether he can put his Dying In The Fire ™ on one single portion of the dungeon down to age and put the incident away, or whether there are other ways to think about it.

I meanwhile suspect it’s a combination of the two and different ages favour different parts of gameplay. But what about you – do you know players of various ages, and have you noticed performance differences?

_Quote taken directly from Peashooter’s post

You can find Peashooter’s Target Dummies homepage here_

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