Cross-Faction Raiding, LEAPS for GREAT JUSTICE, and boobs in GW2

I’m still catching up on the posts that were made whilst we were transferring the server over to its new home – so here are some of the great pieces that caught my eye over the last two days…

  • Syl of Raging Monkey’s is back, and she’s been observing the transformation of GW2’s Norns into Barbie Dolls with displeasure“I can try ignore other players wearing silly armor ingame or even creating anatomically laughable characters for themselves somewhat (if not completely), but I am really not looking forward to get it in my face from NPCs too, let alone on my own character model.”
  • Matthew Rossi at WoW Insider argues that alongside cross-realm raiding, we should have cross-faction raiding too“Allowing my tauren to raid with draenei and gnomes would be really, really rewarding for me, as a long-time player with a lot of friends across servers. It would be a nice, low-impact way to reward long-term players with lots of friends.”
  • And Melmoth at Killed in A Smiling Accident has a short, sweet post about what a heroic game ability should be“It’s Batman. It’s Hulk. It’s Neo. And it’s Goku. It’s Spiderman; Predator; Aang. It’s V. It’s glee. It’s you. And me. Isn’t that what a hero should be?”

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Sith Madness Sorcerer Quick Start Guide for SWTOR: rotation and priorities, talents, stats, gear, spec and companions

“Now, young Jedi – you will DIE!” ZORCHZAPSCREAM – etc. Yes, for most of us, that’s the reason we rolled a damn Sith in the first place – to cackle, look evil, and fry Mark Hamil with Force Lightning. Except it turns out that there’s more to DPSing in SWTOR, particularly once you get to Level 50, level cap, than just spamming lightning and cackling. So, for the confused, furrowed-brow Madness Sorcerer, here’s a guide to our best abilities, rotation (and priorities), talents and spec, gear, stats, and even our companions.

This is a work in progress! Star Wars: The Old Republic hasn’t been out for long enough for us to have a 100% solid idea of what talents, abilities and so on are best, so we’re going on the work of the top theorycrafters here as they figure the game out. However, this guide should give you a good start and put your damage well beyond what 95% of the SWTOR playerbase are able to do.

Obviously, this is a first draft guide – if you have comments or suggestions, please do post them below!

Updated 10th February 2012 for Patch 1.1.2

Sith Madness Sorcerer Ability Rotation

  • Top Priority: If Lightning Barrage has procced, use Force Lightning.
  • Second Priority: If the target doesn’t currently have Affliction on them, cast Affliction. Otherwise, cast Death Field or Crushing Darkness if they’re off cooldown.
  • Third Priority: If Wrath has procced, cast Chain Lightning if it’s off cooldown. Otherwise, spam Force Lightning.

Wrath: Ideally, you should use Wrath with Crushing Darkness. It’s a DPS increase to use it with Chain Lightning if Crushing Darkness is on CD, however.

AOE: Use Death Field as top priority, then multi-DOT with Affliction and use Chain Lightning. If there are 5 or more mobs, use Chain Lightning as top priority.

Sith Madness Sorcerer Talent Spec / Build

There is some ongoing discussion as to the best Madness spec.

This spec appears to be a generally good DPS spec.

This spec is more Force-efficient – use if you’re running out of Force regularly.


Stats and Gear for Madness Sorcerers

Willpower is absolutely the most important stat for Sith Sorcerers in general, including Madness. Power is our most important secondary stat.

At the moment a good basic stat priority to use is Willpower, then Power/Force Power, then Surge, Crit, and Alacrity in that order.

Stats we don’t want: We have no use for Strength, Aim, Cunning, very little use for Endurance, and little use for Presence unless we’re using a companion a lot. Shield, Absorbtion and Accuracy are also useless for Sith Sorcerers in general, and Defence is basically useless.


Currently it appears that at end-game your best companion choices are Ashara Zavros for DPS or Xalek as a (rather weak) tank.

2V-R8 is completely useless for combat purposes for a Sorcerer.

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Survival Of The Most Efficient

Nils was having trouble with Rift. Not in the conventional “it’s rubbish/it’s a pale imitation of WoW/its quests send me to sleep” ways that always seem to be the things people say when complaining about Rift – no, Nils found an entirely new and quite sensible problem with it.

His warrior had too many abilities. Abilities which are all useful, or at least not pointless. Nils is highlighting this as a specific and interesting design choice from Trion, to have your characters have so many abilities that it makes gameplay more creative, as Nils puts it. Why? Because you’ve got to work out a new way to play.

…often, the faster you executed them, the faster you could execute them when they became available next. Since they were off the GCD, every millisecond mattered.

My biggest problem were hotkeys. Where do you put three hotkeys that you need to press ASAP when they light up? Honestly, I was really challenged by this and was constantly much worse at execution than I would have liked.

Having played a warrior of the same type he’s talking about, I can understand – they have more abilities than Superman on cocaine. Nils’ explanation of how this affected his gameplay – particularly in battlegrounds – is quite vivid. But he didn’t give up and found a solution in the way abilities work in macros in Rift. It opened up a new method of figuring out how to play efficiently.

The only problem, says Nils, was he then didn’t know which abilities he was using when – or care, because he was too busy having fun pasting his enemies’ faces into the ground.

But still, he’s asking the question – was this a good design choice from Trion or not – does it matter that his warrior’s abilities are now pretty much anonymous?

_Quote taken directly from Nils’ post

You can find Nils’ MMO Blog homepage here_

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Windsoar Guides Us On Getting Better Use From The UI

So today Windsoar’s got a post up about buttons. Why do I think this is important? At some point in our WoW life we all struggle with buttons. We get so many abilities as our characters level up and new or veteran player, most of us are constantly trying to work out which abilities we need most and which buttons to use.

Windsoar’s post is a fantastic guide for anyone who is being driven crazy by having to manage too many buttons and ability bars.

I spent my first four years of WoW clicking…. everything.  As a stubby-fingered person, I was never going to be able to reach anything past the number 5, I knew nothing about changing keybindings, and so anything that was outside the 1-5 range was a clickable ability.

I also have this anathema for opening my bags or spellbook, so if I potentially ever wanted to cast a portal, open a lockbox, use a potion, or eat some food, I tossed it onto my quick bars for easy access.  As you can imagine, this made for a ton of bars on my screen… honestly, every single one that I could manage to get shown.

She takes you through changing things round so your abilities don’t overwhelm your screen, step by step. She explains everything along the way, with lots of pictures to back up what she’s saying.

The best thing though? She understands you may have some trepidation about undertaking big changes to your setup, because she’s clearly been there herself – like we all have. But no-one’s computer’s gone up in smoke nor the internet broken due to UI change, so take Windsoar’s advice, and go with her on a trip round your UI.

What about you – thinking that you might be able to get some extra ease out of your UI, or is it a scary or epic quest to embark on?

_Quote taken directly from Windsoar’s post_

_Windsoar’s ‘Jaded Alt’ homepage is here_

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