WoW: Just A Few More Things – stuck on this quest? We’ll help you out.

Blizzard’s quest design is usually first-rate, but every so often a quest will come along that repeatedly trips players up. There are several such quests in WoW – Just A Few More Things is one of them.

The quest happens in Northrend – in Borean Tundra to be precise – and it’s an Alliance-only quest. It’s the follow-up to Dirty, Stinkin’ Snobolds!, which you’ll pick up from the rather wonderfully-named Crafty Wobblesprocket at Fizzcrank’s Airstrip.

The reason the quest is so confusing is because it requires you to gather a whole bunch of different materials – the questgiver literally hands you a shopping list – and it’s far from obvious where to obtain them. MMO Melting Pot to the rescue! Here’s our quick guide.

Crafty’s Tools

Crafty lost her tools when the eastern pumping station was attacked. You’ll need to go fetch them. She can’t do it herself because she’s too busy standing around doing nothing, so head directly east from Crafty until you see an oilrig. The tools are in a chest at the foot of the oilrig. It’s difficult to spot the chest from the air, so dismount and take a look around on foot if you’re having trouble. If you’re using an addon which provides map coordinates, the exact position of the chest is [64.5, 23.1].

Map location of Crafty's Tools

Map location of Crafty's Tools. Image originally from,

Location of Crafty's tools

The chest containing Crafty's Tools, at the base of the oilrig.

Overcharged Capacitor

This isn’t an item that you’ll need to loot from a mob. It’s just a standard Engineer-crafted item. If you’re an engineer, you can make it yourself. If not, head to the auction house, or find a friendly Engineer. The raw materials needed to craft an Overcharged Capacitor are 4 Cobolt Bars and 1 Crystallized Earth.


A Handful of Rocknar’s Grit

You’ll loot this item from Rocknar. Unsurprisingly, he’ll need to be dead first. You can find him to the south-east of Crafty’s position, near Death’s Stand. He won’t present any challenge, but he’s immune to frost damage (so frost mages, frost death knights, etc, will need to provide an alternative source of damage).

Location of Rocknar


Once you’ve assembled the three components, head back to Crafty and hand in the quest – you’re done.

Do you have any good tips for this quest? Let us know in the comments.

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