Away for a week, back after that!

The Melting Pot will be quiet next week as I’m AFK for a week actually playing games rather than writing about them!

If you see anything you think we should feature, Tweet me or comment below and I’ll pick it up when I get back.

We’ll be back with all your regular MMO goodness the week after!

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Friday Links : Guild Wars 2 Hidden Lore and SWTOR PvP

It’s been a quieter week this week – but less dominant topics mean more cool random bits and pieces.

And so we close out the week with two interesting posts from two of the major MMOs we haven’t heard from this week: SWTOR and GW2…

  • Shintar’s very worried by what does indeed look like an incoming trainwreck in SWTOR – the upcoming PvP Arenas, which are planned to be non-optional for PvP players…

    Read “Going Commando: Meh, Arenas” »

  • And Jeromai delves into the mysteries of Guild Wars 2 lore in a really interesting post, starting from a look at some artwork and heading into deep, cross-game lore speculation about the future of GW2.

    Read “GW2: The Cliffs and the Colossus | Why I Game” »

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WoW Next: Probable Lies, Character Models and Dwarven Lore

And the excitement for the next WoW expansion seems to really be ramping up right now. As I mentioned yesterday, I’m splitting this week’s WoW posts into two because of that – and here’s today’s look to the future.

Whether we’re looking at character model revamps or dodgy probably-false info leaks, here’s what everyone’s talking about for the Next WoW:

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WoW Now: Mogging Tricks And Free Loot

I’m splitting WoW news into two parts this week, as it seems there’s at least as much discussion of what’s to come in the next expansion – whenever that arrives – as there is the current one.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t have some great posts about WoW as it is now.

Here are two great posts, from the practical to the theoretical:

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More On Business Models, Subscriptions, And All

It was the hot topic of last week, and the question of whether subscriptions are good or bad is continuing to rumble this week.

We’ve got a couple of fascinating opinion pieces here – one of them arguing for subscriptions, and another one pointing to the success of the non-sub options.

But it’s what they say in common that’s as interesting as where they differ:

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Heads up!

I’m swapping the Melting Pot over to the CloudFlare service today to combat the massive tide of spam we’re getting at the moment.

That might mean the usual problems that can arise with this sort of thing – downtime, disconnections, etc.

If you have any problems, please ping me on Twitter (MMOMeltingpot) or email ([email protected]).


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Friday Links: Flex Raiding, Guild Leading and more

Only two weeks until the final raid of Mists of Pandaria – where does the time go?

Here’s our usual round-up of great blog posts that haven’t been about the hot topics of the week!

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Clockwork Chaos in Guild Wars 2: Blogger Reactions

There’s a new event happening in Guild Wars 2 – Clockwork Chaos!

Apparently, there are clockwork critters roaming the land, descending on zones at random.

How’s it working out?

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The Subscription Model is BACK! Wildstar and TESO – What Bloggers Think

Well, I didn’t see that one coming. Yes, the subscription model is back. Both Wildstar and The Elder Scrolls Online have announced that they’re going to be primarily subscription-based, with WildStar also offering an EVE-like “CREDD” that can theoretically be earned in-game to pay for one’s subscription.

It’s not hard to see why, from a business sense. You replace the frightning nebulousness of the F2P model with a solid, predictable cash-flow.

But will it work? That’s what the blogosphere has been wondering…

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Friday Link Roundup

It’s Friday already!

And here’s our semi-usual collection of great articles that didn’t fit into any of the major themes of the week.

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