More On Business Models, Subscriptions, And All

It was the hot topic of last week, and the question of whether subscriptions are good or bad is continuing to rumble this week.

We’ve got a couple of fascinating opinion pieces here – one of them arguing for subscriptions, and another one pointing to the success of the non-sub options.

But it’s what they say in common that’s as interesting as where they differ:

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MMO Design: The Future Is Now!

We’re in the future, these days.

We’ve got working Virtual Reality, self-driving cars, we’re working on replicators – it really feels like the future is here today.

So, is it time to rethink some of our assumptions about MMORPGs? That’s what EQNext seems to be proposing – and these bloggers, in different ways, agree:

  • Flosch looks at the concept of “zones” in MMOs, and asks if, in 2013, they’re waaaay too “theme-park”?

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  • Eric at Elder Game answers the question of whether it’s possible for a 2013 indie MMO to become a source of passive income – a self-sustaining “flywheel” business.

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  • Belghast asks whether now’s the right time for MMOs to stop losing content thanks to level creep, and instead to institute an Oblivion-style scaling system?

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