Celebrations at the Pot, and great posts for the weekend

It’s been a fantastic week for MMO blogging – so fantastic, in fact, that there were too many posts to fit into the weekend, and some of them are spilling out into an unusual Saturday feature here on the Pot. So, enjoy!

And on the subject of celebrations – it’s been a massive, epic week for the Melting Pot too. We’ve seen our most-ever visitors on Wednesday – 34,447 people visiting our little site during a single day! And quietly in the middle of all that our “pageviews ever” number shot past the 2,000,000 mark – in fact, as of 18:21 GMT on Friday, we’ve had 2,097,986 pages viewed at the Pot in the year and a half we’ve been around.

I’m absolutely astonished and pleased as punch at how many people visit the Pot every day – thank you all very much for your comments, thoughts, Twitters, retweets, Google Plusses, awesome posts and general support over the last year and a half, and here’s to many more years like them!

Have a great weekend!

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Bottom-of-the-page ad and Supporter memberships

Quick note – after some conversations on Twitter, I’m working to add a “close” button to the ad at the bottom of the page here! Unfortunately the Javascript is proving a little less trivial than expected (partially because I’m trying to do it in a Clever way), but I should be able to get something going soon, so you can actually close the darn thing!

Update – fixed it. The ad now has a close button at the top.

And that got me thinking.

Would you be interested in a “Supporter Membership” / “Publisher’s Club” option on the Pot, a la Rift Junkies or The Escapist? On those sites, you can sign up for a small annual subscription, and in exchange you get an ad-free experience, private forums, mobile app versions of the site, and so on. Plus, of course, you’d get the warm, glowing feeling of knowing that you’re supporting us to keep finding the best from the blogosphere and telling the world about it.

Would you be interested in something like that?

[poll id=“14”]

By the way, next week’s Pot should be really interesting, and a bit different – we’re running a series of interviews with some VERY prominent members of the WoW community, from the universally-respected to the extremely controversial. Stay tuned!

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Pot Development: Google Page Speed Service and new ads

Hey, everyone!

As you may have noticed, we’re doing a bunch of development and improvement on the Pot at the moment. So, if you have any comments, you’ve seen something Going Wrong, or you have a suggestion, please let us know by email, Twitter or comment below!

Site Design

I admit it, I’ve been reading typography blogs. We’ve done a pass on the stylesheets on the site, changed the font, changed our links, and made a bunch of other changes. These should hopefully mostly be invisible, but let us know if you’ve noticed them, good or bad.

New ads

We’ve recently had a bunch of ad agencies asking if they can work with us on the Pot, which is nice, so we’ll be trialling various ads over the next little while. Let us know if you find them ugly or inappropriate – or alternatively if you think they’re particularly good! (I must admit, I just saw a Shadow of the Colossus ad that almost got me clicking on my own ad boxes…)

Google Page Speed

We’ve signed up with the beta Google Page Speed Service, which allegedly should make the site a lot faster for people who aren’t in the UK. Let us know if you see anything funny on the pages, though, or if they seem to be, you know, slower rather than faster!

Also, we’re always looking for ways to make the site faster – if you have any suggestions, please do comment.

Looking forward to hearing your comments!

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Change of Hands

Hi folks.

It’s Rebecca here. You might remember me from such popular blogs as… /troymclure

Seriously, I wanted to drop by and explain from the Editor in Chief’s chair what’s going on with the Pot’s staff – and to hand the chair over officially. Some of you might remember me – a lot of you might not by now, I don’t know – but I was your original curator here at the Pot.

I didn’t leave because you guys were mean (you’re not; you’re lovely).

I didn’t leave because I was bored of the Pot (really not; you can still find me skulking about here most days, it’s just I tend to lurk).

I didn’t leave because I managed to burn our website servers down and Hugh, deciding it was safest for everyone if I couldn’t log in again, changed my Pot password (though it was a close thing and we’re out of matches now).

A few months ago I was fairly ill and Hugh kindly took over updating the Pot while I was curled up in bed making pathetic “meep” sounds. When I got better we found out two things. Firstly, he really enjoyed working on the Pot, and I – out of the blue – had some new opportunities come along. The sort of opportunities which I’d have to kill your character and steal your horse if I told you. So, on a short term basis, he continued with what he enjoyed and I explored these opportunities.

Now it’s a few months down the line. And we’re still there, both enjoying what we’re doing. Given all of that and the fact that Hugh’s doing a wonderful job – helped grandly by Johnnie – I’d like to officially hand over the Editor in Chief chair – it comes with a badger – to Hugh, and probably swap titles with Johnnie as “the one who’s rarely here.”

So, hope you guys are still having a great time with the Pot and will treat Hugh, as the new head honcho, as well as you did me. I’ll see you somewhere in the comments, sometime, and maybe for the occassional post when you least expect it.

This message will self destru-

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MMO Melting Pot does video!

Yep, we’re dipping our toe into the world of non-text media. Currently, we’ve just made one info vid – a companion to our article about getting to Vash’jir – but I’d be interested to see what you think.

Let us know what you think of the vid! Is it too fast? Too slow? Hard to understand? Easy? Obscure? Anything else?

We’re also considering doing a weekly video round-up of the week’s news – half-way between a podcast and Have I Got News For You. Would you be interested in seeing that?

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Let us know if we’re doin it rong!

Hey, everyone!

So, we’re in the process of spring-cleaning and improving a lot of things around here, ready for the big Patch 4.3 / TOR / Isengard onslaught later in the year, and one of the things I’m looking at right now are the WoW Patch 4.2 Quick Start Guides .

They were correct to the current state of theorycrafting when they went up, but three months later the ‘craft has moved on, and we’re going through and updating them (and also fixing a few things like formatting errors and lack of enchant lists).

So, if you have five minutes, a reasonable (or better – I know some of our readers are hardcore on the theorycraft) grasp of your class or classes’ theorycrafting, and fancy helping us out, would you mind taking a quick look at the appropriate Quick-Start Guide and letting us know anything we’ve gotten wrong or inaccurate?

Remember, these are meant to be quick guides, not EJ-style walls-o-text, so if we’ve come down hard on a complex issue or simplified a bit, that’s probably why. But if we’ve got it Just Damn Wrong (and I know we have in a few places already, so there’s probably more), or indeed if you think our recommendations could be better, let us know, either on the guides or in the comments below (or just send us an email – our address is mmomeltingpot at gmail d_o_t com).

Thanks very much – it’s greatly appreciated!

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RSS Feed now fixed

Syl alerted me this morning that there was a problem with our RSS feeds – thanks!

It turned out to be a rather obscure Feedburner issue, but one that appears to be solved. So – feeds should now be working normally! Please do let me know if look to be having problems again.

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It turns out the plural is virii

Sorry, no posts today. I’m afraid I’ve only just raised my head from an intensive multi-hour war on a particularly unpleasant rootkit which had invaded our local network.

Hopefully, the coast is clear (although I’m staying extremely cautious for now), but I’m afraid it’s not left us enough time to do links today.

Sorry about that! I’m back on the case tomorrow, and we’ll have an extra-specially large helping to make up for the silence.

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New ways to follow guides and more URLs on the Pot

Hey, everyone!

So, I’ve been hearing from a couple of people that they’d like to have a better way to follow the MMO Melting Pot guides that we’re posting at the moment (down on the bottom right).

So, we’re going to try a couple of new services and see how they work out!

First up, we’re posting on Amplify.com. I’m not 100% certain about it yet – it seems kinda spammy in places and it’s very slow, but it is a really nice tool for quick microblogging. We’ll be posting clips from bits and pieces we find on the Web, including stuff that doesn’t quite make the cut for the main feature on the day, and we’ll also be linking all the guides from that. You can find us at http://mmomeltingpot.amplify.com there.

At the same time, we’re also going to be Twittering that info (follow @MMOMeltingPot.

And we’ve set up a new Del.Icio.Us feed for just these bits and the guides – you can subscribe to that if you’re a Del.Icio.Us user, or if you just want the guides, you can find them under our Pot Guides tag there.

Hope you all find that helpful! If there’s any other service you’d like to see us getting our Social Media on, erm, on, let us know!

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Do you have a blog you’d like us to feature?

Just a quick note for everyone: I’m currently in the process of going through and rounding up all the new blogs that have appeared in the MMO scene, adding them to the blogroll that we check every day, and preparing a feature post for all the newcomers.

So, if you run a blog that you’d like us to be reading, or if you know of a great new blog you haven’t seen us feature on here, please let me know in the comments, below.

We’re interested in blogs on any Massively Multiplayer subject – WoW blogs, LoTRO blogs, EVE blogs, overall MMO blogs, MMO developer blogs, blogs from people playing little MMOs we’ve never heard of, the entire thing. If they write interesting stuff about anything MMO, we want to hear about it.

And please do spread the word on this one! We don’t want to miss great blogs we should be featuring, so please let your audiences or other bloggers you follow know we’re looking for them!

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