EQNext Discussion And Debate

Everquest Next is still a long way away from our screens, but the unusually open development process is keeping the blogosphere debating its choices.

Today, we’ve got two really great, lengthy discussion posts – if this sort of debate keeps up, it bodes very well indeed for the game.

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EQNext: Can The World Work and more

Everquest Next!

It’s no secret that everyone’s talking about it, thinking about it, and discussing it right now. I know it’s top of my “want to see” list.

So here’s the latest discussion from around the blogosphere:

  • Tobold looks at the history of games that have allowed players to modify the landscape, and proposes an answer to the question “could this possibly work?”.

    Read “It’s a small world after all” »

  • Milady has some worries about the way in which EQNext is proposing to approach story, from close personal encounters with villains to the looming shadow of tie-in books.

    Read “EQNext Lore Panel Analysis” »

  • Azuriel argues that technology or no technology, the only way “dynamic content” has ever worked in an MMO is when it was created by the players.

    Read “The Siren Call of Dynamism” »

  • And Rowan Blaze addresses Tobold’s point last week that the Real World doesn’t have levels – by providing examples of dozens of ways in which it does.

    Read “I Have Touched the Sky: No Levels?” »

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EQNext: No Tanks? No Trinity?

One of the hottest topics from the entire EQNext announcement so far has been the news that – like several games before them – EQNext is doing away with the Holy Trinity of Tank, Healer and DPS.

The argument is that EQNext’s advanced AI will completely remove the need for the tank/healer/dps combo, and furthermore that most people don’t like being forced into those roles.

What did the many bloggers watching the announcement think of all that? Read on to find out!

  • Rohan argues that whilst a more advanced AI can easily negate the Trinity, the problem is that it will also negate the spirit of the fantasy archetypes on which EQNext is based.

    Read “Revisiting The Trinity” »

  • Ald takes a look at the Trinity from a number of games, from EQNext to Final Fantasy XI, and argues in favour of a five-person Trinity: Tank + Healer + DPS + CC + Support.

    Read “Trinity!” »

  • Rowan Blaze points us to a well-known political figure’s views on the entire “EQNext And The Trinity” debate…

    Read “Godwin’s Law Strikes Everquest Next” »

  • And Belghast writes two fascinating posts on the topic – firstly, pointing out that many tanks actually LIKE tanking, and secondly, looking at the inspirations, archetypes, and role models of the tank…

    Read “No Love For Tanks” »

    Read “A Tank Is…” »

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EQNext: The Next Big Thing Roundup

So, Sony recently announced their next Everquest game. It sounds pretty cool – dynamic world AI, voxel-based landscapes, and –

Oh, you’ve heard about it already?

I’m really not sure when we last saw an announcement that has gotten the MMO community as excited as the EQNext reveal this weekend – and for good reason. The features they’re promising sound utterly revolutionary, and more importantly, at least reasonably achievable. I’m personally familiar with the kind of voxel-based landscape engine they’re using – it’s very doable for a next-gen game.

But will it actually work?

Let’s go to the phones – or, as the case may be, blogs:

What do you think? Is it as good as it looks?

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