New Blog Roundup: May Day! May Day!

All right, so that’s a false alarm (and a terrible joke) given there’s nothing wrong with the blogosphere. In fact, it’s in pretty good shape. As a whole right now it’s a bit quiet in the sunny (and if you’re in Britain, we’ve-just-had-so-many-bank-holidays-we-don’t-know-what-to-do-with-ourselves) lull. But there’s plenty of new reading material out there in the form of fresh and little-known blogs, whose writers want to share their adventures with us – and I suspect would love to be given a warm welcome, too.

  • The Rusty Blade – Mhorgrim’s been writing for a while but it’s only in recent months that he’s deluged the internet with words – and not just on his blog. He’s a prolific commenter around the blogosphere and still has plenty left to say on his blog, all of which says to me he’s a dedicated gamer. He’s recently been focusing on talking about his character’s progression but surf his archives a bit and you’ll find him discussing RP, PvPing as a tank and even sexism and harrassment in MMOs.
  • WTS Heals – Lunarsoul’s taken the traditional healer-talking-to-healers approach, and she’s good at it. Her blog’s got a no-nonsense feel that immediately made me want to chase my raidgroup’s healers over to it. She’s got a variety of practical aspects covered like maximising your mana in raids, notes on class-specific abilities like chakra for Cata progression, and even little videos for healers that she “throws” together. Good resource, keep an eye on this one!
  • DoTs and ‘Locks – Thisius is quite new on the warlock scene and is breathing some shadowy fresh, enthusiastic life into it. In a blogosphere where many lock bloggers have either gone awol or are taking a break, Thisius is the best resource on the web at the moment for you locks. She’s got you covered from new things for locks in patches, to using simulationcraft as a lock, new 5 man strategies, and even has time for thoughts on the dev watercooler blog updates.
  • D/E The Tank – Nymphy and Orvillius are a WoW-playing couple who decided to start a blog together. Nono, come back, they’re not all sickly cute – they’re actually hilarious. It’s a very new blog so not many posts yet but what’s there is hilarious – so far they’ve told us about Nymphy’s love affair with the floor, talked about the right and wrong ways to play WoW as a couple and solemn-faced asked what your character would disenchant/DE into. Go, read, follow.
  • Raiding After Dark – Saif’s been at this blogging lark a little long to be properly new, but he’s news to me and has just come back from a surgery-induced hiatus making his a fresh blog dusting off the cobwebs. He’s got a great piece on what it’s like to PUG in LFD from an RP server. Looking back, he also has a penchant for dropping in notes about tanking, and has a way with writing fan-fiction that’s got him noticed by Blizzard and maybe now by you. Give him a look – plenty of variety here.
  • Polka DoTs and Hot Chocolate – Rith’s a weird one. Not for any bad reason, just ‘cos I’m sure I featured her before but can’t find proof. So maybe I didn’t. This must be rectified! Why? She’s got such a readable and tongue-in-cheek style that you’ll find yourself keeping reading. She doesn’t focus on any one particular thing other than telling you what’s going on with her. Not sure? When was the last time you heard someone be over the moon with Cataclysm in all its new-ness in recent months? Simply reading something like that brings a smile to my face.

That’s it for today – quite a few there already. Welcome aboard everyone! And thanks to those that pinged us their favourite new blogs to include too. Feel free to keep poking us with new blogs, whether it’s your own or someone else’s – and remember it doesn’t have to be WoW-based, any MMO will be just fine! Looking forward to getting to know more new voices!

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New Blog Roundup: The Easter Ether Newcomers

Another month gone somewhere into the ether, and lots of new MMO blogs have popped out of said ether. It’s as if there’s a time = new blog exchange going on there! Anyway, it seems about time for a look at who’s new in the blogosphere and welcoming them aboard, so roll up and give them a friendly wave either here or even better on their own site!

  • Imraith – Imraith has a curious setup; you only get one post per page. I thought I’d find this irritating but I quickly grew to like it – it’s like turning pages in a book to find something different on every page. She ranges from in-character posts to talking about her guild to sharing linklove around the blogosphere. Still a new voice, but I’m looking forward to seeing more from Imraith!
  • Eye of the Storm – Typhoon Andrew’s a curious one. He has a bit of a curious professor feel to him: he looks at practical solutions to make the game better – even just his recent posts wander from need/greed algorithms to the benefits of increased gear drops to less-cosmetic ideas for giving players options to personalise their characters. Been around for a while but only just found him – and glad I did. Thanks for the tip off Solitudeone!
  • The WoW DebutanteMy guide to having the ultimate social life. Now that’s a tagline to grab any gamer’s eye, and Chatters is pulling off just that. She’s telling us everything that goes on in her guild, and she organises a lot for them – it really sounds quite fun. She’s dedicated and has everything going from Spring parties with prizes to training classes to lotteries. Take a look – you might get some ideas for your guild.
  • Syrco Owl – Syrco’s been going a little while now but somehow she’s new to us here at the Pot. Her blog is a just-right mixture of serious moonkin talk thanks to her regularly updated owly guide and videos scattered through, and everyday gameplay updates. Well worth checking out whether or not you’re a boomkin – or sending the boomkin in your life to check out her owl resources!
  • Gamer’s Fridge – this may be a bit of a niche blog but what a niche! Edenvale is taking foods from MMOs – so far from LoTRO and WoW – and creating them from scratch irl, sharing step by step recipes along the way. Great idea and somehing we’d really been lacking in the blogosphere. I bet she’d be up for taking requests for your favourite MMO food too, whatever game you play!
  • Tank Out Of Water – Blayze is a tank-turned-shadow priest, which gives him an interesting perspective on both of them. He’s set out to talk about those things although, still new, he’s talking about whatever pops into his head. Including, say, a proposed fix for the Justicar/Conqueror title grind. Don’t read that everyday, and to help it along he has a very Briitsh writing style. Full marks, hope to see more from him!

That’s it for now. I’m pretty sure there are loads more new blogs out there – if I’ve missed you off the list (or someone you know!) please shout! So long as you write about an MMO – or heck, MMOs in general – you’re welcome along, doesn’t matter what MMO it is. And to everyone just starting up writing – welcome aboard, and keep up the good work!

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New Blog Roundup

It’s a while since I did a new blog roundup but there’s a very simple reason for that: the blogger map. Not that it took a while to do, but there were so many folks popping up I’d not seen before that my own mental mindmap of bloggers old and new got a bit confuzzled. That’s not really fixed itself –  I haven’t had a chance to work out which of the bloggers on the map are actually new or have been around a while and had somehow skipped off my radar. So. I’m getting back on track with tracking the new MMO blogs popping up with a big note attached to all you bloggers out there: if your blog’s new and you want on the next roundup, give me a shout! I don’t bite. Ever. It makes eating slightly tricky. Anyway… on with the new blogs!

  • Top Rosters – this is a stunning new site catering for top raid guilds out there. Sam emailed me a few days ago to let me know the site was up and I’ve gotta say I’m impressed. The site already looks like a complete resource, with a free ebook, articles on filling in applications, what happens when you get accepted into a guild…not to mention the guild reviews and guild masters sections just waiting for content. Really looking forward to seeing this raiding community website take off. I think I even saw that they’re accepting submissions for class columnists…
  • Rigarmorty – this is an interesting mix in the making. Rigarmorty’s mostly a mage-centric blog, though he also chats about his alts and… food. Yeap, sounds weird, but it works and it’s all WoW related. The food thing is an audio skit series which sounds quite intriguing, and Rigar’s dedicated to his magery too.
  • Adrenaline Rushing – two main flavours here: combat rogues and raiding in WoW. The blog brims with almost worrying enthusiasm for being a rogue, and has a very sleek look to it. The latest post is a particularly useful introduction to rogue-reforging tools out there and they’ve got a series on “theory of UI” starting that looks like it’ll be useful for pretty much anyone, rogue or otherwise. Looking forward to seeing more.
  • Acheievements Ahoy! – a general WoW blog with a twist towards achievements. Aralosseien says she’s sharing her achievement experiences in the hopes that other folks who over-plan achievements will enjoy them. Her latest is a musing right in that vein, asking how you decide which achievements to chase, given she’s in a quandary which to go for!
  • Blog of the TreantI raid, therefore I fish. That line sums up Khizsara’s content style, and I like it. She says you’ll not find any theorycrafting but the musings of a little tree – but looks like you’ll also find Atari references, a guide on how to be a good recruit and crazy suggestions.

That’s it for now! Welcome to the blogosphere guys, make yourselves at home. Have I missed you or someone you know of off, though? Let me know for next time!

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New Blogging Life In The Blogosphere

It’s about time we did a roundup of what’s going on in the blogosphere and generally took its pulse. Thing is, there’s movement going on aplenty in the blogosphere. A lot of bloggers are talking about the sudden spree of bloggers closing their blog’s doors and I’m feeling something between disheartening and restlessness riffing around the blogosphere as we say goodbye to them.

Ayup, we’ve lost a few good writers in the past few weeks. But it’s nearly Springtime, right? Lots of stuff’s going on – and it’s not all sad. There are still new resources popping up, new bloggers trying their hand at writing, and other blogs that’ve been going a while that we’re only just discovering. Not to mention some established blogs starting bright eyed and bush tailed new projects. Things like…

  • Sheep The Diamond – I’m impressed. Stubborn’s blog is new but he’s got a highly intellectual – and unusual way of writing. He addresses each post to his readers like a letter. His posts are deep but very readable from the one on freedom vs. lonliness in game to using the Johari Window to improve how we think about ourselves and others in WoW (Larisa has a great follow up on this applying it to guild teamwork).
  • Bigger Than Kologarn@DiscoPriest tipped me off on this great find. Crawford is our host over at BtK and while he doesn’t update as frequently as some his writing style is hilarious. From the lolnub, maniacal portrayal of Varian Wrynn (which is just right) talking about Vanessa VanCleef to Nefarius, now more mellowed than his younger, bloodier days and looking to meet nice lady dragons.
  • Return To Azeroth – Ross is giving us a looksee at what it’s like to keep coming back to WoW when the game won’t sit down and stop changing. He says his style is ranty and flippant but I say it’s very readable. Newly a father, Ross isn’t updating too much but I’m really hoping to see more – and that guild leader he describes in his latest post doesn’t half sound like a pain in the nitwibble!
  • Tusks&all – a shiny new blog with Paz at the helm. He’s very new to the blogging thing but quite enthusiastic and is aiming to get into his writing stride. While his main focus is his bear tank who’s fuzzily levelling his way through dungeons, Paz also does weekly updates of all things Azeroth. Good, energetic style – just ever-so-slightly NSFW. Go check him out and give him some encouragement!

New projects in the blogosphere

  • – ever wanted to know exactly what materials your crafted item is going to need? Even down to the nuts and bolts and smelted bars that go into each little cog and wheel? This site will tell you. It’s still in beta and Darth Solo’s working away on it but it’s already an impressive resource for all crafting professions. Kudos to Elkagorasa for originally pointing it out.
  • Gold making from scratchAlto was challenged by one of his readers to make gold on a character with nothing backing him up: no professions already on the character and no support from other character. Both Alto and Aliciana at her own blog over at Adventures In Warcraft have taken up the challenge and each of them say they’ll be blogging about how they get on making gold with nothing to support them. Looks like it might turn out to be a good resource for those new to making gold and might just be a good topic for a gold making carnival one day…
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Is it better to be single?

I love to follow topic threads as they wander around the blogosphere. An off-hand comment on one of Gordon’s posts at We Fly Spitfires prompted him to write further on the topic, which in turn prompted Klepsacovic to weigh in at Troll Racials Are Overpowered (which, in turn, is prompted the post you’re currently reading).

Gordon asks if MMOs have affected the success of single-player games. It’s an interesting question. I don’t think Gordon’s speaking of the actual, quantifiable sales figures; he makes the point that MMOs take up so much of his available leisure time that he rarely has time to dip his toe into any other game’s waters. I think that’s a feeling that a lot of us would share.

Klepsacovic’s follow-up asks what it is we’re actually paying for when we renew the subscription for our MMO of choice. For him, a single-player game has a higher “fun per hour” ratio than an MMO. The ace up the MMO’s sleeve is the social factor; being able to interact with, cooperate with, or compete against your friends (or, more often, random strangers).

I can empathize with both of them. When I first started playing World Of Warcraft, I treated it effectively as a single-player game. I barely interacted with other players at all. I simply leveled my character on my own, in just the same way as I would have done if WoW was a single-player game and every other player was an AI bot. At that stage, I still had time for other games.

Once I joined a good guild and started end-game raiding, it all changed of course. I’m still a pretty casual player by most definitions, but I rarely find time to play other games. I haven’t even completed Fallout 3 yet, and if you knew just how much I loved loved LOVED Fallout 1 and 2 you’d understand what an extraordinary thing that is. In fact, come to think of it, I’ve played Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 right the way through several times. Of course, that was back in my BW days: Before Warcraft.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have my Dragonmaw dailies to do.

_You can find Gordon’s We Fly Spitfires homepage here

You can find Klepsacovic’s Troll Racials Are Overpowered homepage here_

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Blogosphere Roundup

End of the month – or thereabouts – and so time to tie up the comings and goings of the blogosphere again. I’ll get about it quickly before I feel the need to add “of the Shire” to the end of comings and goings, and blow smoke rings while on the porch of my hobbit hole…

Anyway. The blogosphere’s calmed down a bit after the rush to start a new blog during the holidays. Even so there’s been a few new blogs popping up, quite a few of them feeling like they’re starting as they mean to go on. With enthusiasm. Let’s welcome them in and wish ’em well!

  • Target Dummies – Peashooter’s running the show here in between hunting achievements and monsters in WoW. He’s fresh started up recently but already has some interesting posts up, including one about the Lunar Festival and one about the basic rules of Being A Hunter. I’m hoping to see more from Peashooter – and thanks go to Janyaa for tipping me off about Pea via twitter!
  • Death To Questing! Well, we certainly know where Krisps stands with what content he likes! He’s big on WoW raiding and heroics, and says that he’ll be talking about those as well as getting into the nitty gritty of tanking. His blog is very new, but he’s jumping in feet first with a post in response to one of Tobold’s recent articles on the nerfs Heroics are receiving.
  • Little Blue Dog – looks like Rustbeard’s been around for a while, but he’s recently returned to the WoW blogosphere. He’s a hunter blogger with a very neat layout and the whole blue thing really does go with the image. He’s mixing up screenshots with articles on random groups and getting stuck into Blog Azeroth’s shared topics with this week’s one on making encounters click.
  • T.R. Redskies – not a WoW blog persay, more a general MMO and fantasy blog – which is quite rare, all wrapped up like this. Doone says he’d like to get into the community and there’s certainly a lot going on on his homepage – something for everyone. Go have an explore through categories from MMOs, other games, sci-fi/fantasy and RPGs to find something for you!

  • Azeroth Apple – Apple’s moved to a new home, update your bookmarks and feeds! I really like her new header.

  • Honor’s Code – ending on some sad news. Honors has shut the doors on his blog after being one of the longest standing WoW blogs, and one that a lot of people “grew up” in the blogosphere reading, or writing alongside. He’ll be missed.

Well, something old, something new and… actually, something blue there. Watch the blogosphere go! See you next roundup folks – remember if I’ve missed something here or you stumble over a new blog, please do share it with us.

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