Curious about A Tale In the Desert? Tobold shines the light on.

What with WoW being in the pre-expansion lull, I’ve been looking at other games – and one of the most intriguing is A Tale In the Desert. It’s set in ancient Egypt, and rather than being about slaying things and being heroic, it’s about building things, up to and including a civilisation.

Both I and the Lord High Editor have been considering trying it out for a while, but we’ve been uncertain as to how well the concept would translate in practise. What’s it like to actually play? Is there anything for non-hardcore players to do? Is it friendly to newbies, and is it actually understandable and fun?

Well, wonder no longer. Tobold’s on the case, and he’s posting a day-by-day account of his play in Tale.

  • On Day 1, he built his own house. (Am I the only frustrated WoW player who bounced a little at that? I mean, we’ve been waiting years for the darn things, and he gets to build one on Day 1?)
  • Day 2 saw him making rope from flax seeds, exploring the first crafting mini-game, and exploring the world – which sounds truly epic. [pullquote]The map of Egypt in ATitD is huge, much bigger than Azeroth, and it would literally take hours to run from one edge to the other[/pullquote].
  • By Day 3, he’s been getting into the social aspect of ATitD, learning that other players are actually friendly and constructive in their replies to newbies, and building public pottery wheels for others to use.

Gotta say, I absolutely love the sound of this game. After a fair bit of recent time in the bowels of the WoW dungeon finder, I could use a game which encourages friendliness, and I’ve always been a bit of a frustrated crafter in WoW.

Have you tried A Tale In The Desert? If so, what did you think?

_Quote taken directly from Tobold’s post._

_You can find Tobold’s homepage here._

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