MMORPG Bloggers Around The World Map

View MMO bloggers round the world in a larger map


  • Click on pins to see details about the blogger they represent! Scroll in to see the map at closer range and the pin distribution more easily.
  • Click and drag to move around the map
  • Use your mouse wheel to scroll in and out. Double clicking also works to scroll in.
  • All pin-markers are bloggers. Most are red – yellow and green pins are used to differentiate multiple folks in the same town.

Are you on the map yet?

If you’re not on this map and think you should be, let me know mmomeltingpot at gmail dot com – or just comment, below!. The map includes bloggers for any MMO game – you don’t have to be a WoW blogger to join in.

Also if you’re on the map but have moved or we’ve put you in the wrong place, let us know.

And if you ARE on the map, let the world know about it – use the HTML below (just paste it into your sidebar or page):

Copy-pasteable tactics for Raid Chat (click to select all):

Fun facts about the map – ooh err

  • The map currently has more than a hundred bloggers marked – there’s room for more!
  • The most highly blogger-populated city is Brisbane Australia with Lathere, Cassandri, Angelya and Pathak all living there. Party time?!
  • A few other places have a couple of bloggers calling them home, too – Orlando, Florida (home to Fimlys and Dinaer); Edinburgh, home to the MMO Melting Pot and Zellviren; Minneapolis, Minnesota (home to Lyraat, Kae, BBB and Loronar); Gothenburg, Sweden (home to Saga, Val and Gavendo); Toronto, Canada (home to Jasyla, Anslym and Latus); Edmonton, Canada (home to Corath and Fannon); and St. Louis, MO USA (home to Cold and Rhii).
  • Some pins have extra information in them, like the blogger’s main game, server or character. (if you want your pin updated with this info, let me know via email – see the key bulletpoints).