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Hugh Hancock


Hugh Hancock is a filmmaker, author, journalist, and virtual transvestite. He doesn’t entirely know why all his MMO characters are female, but they are. When he’s not busy picking out new dresses or complaining about how Defile musses his tank’s hair, he’s a raid leader and keen theorycrafter in World of Warcraft, and a longtime game development commentator, and occasionally a horrified participant in Second Life.

Hugh enjoys reading, gaming and martial arts. He’s a keen cookery geek. He’s also the founder of, and is one of the two people responsible for inventing the word “machinima”. He has presented lectures all over the world on Machinima, filmmaking, and game design, including at the Annecy Animation Festival, the Game Developers’ Conference, and the Hong Kong Productivity Council. He is the Artistic Director of Strange Company, the world’s oldest professional machinima production company, and is currently working on a feature-length motion-captured movie, starring Brian Blessed, Jack Davenport, Joanna Lumley and Anna Chancellor.

Hugh Twitters at @hughhancock, and can also be found on Google Plus as +Hugh Hancock.

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