Every day we read blogs. A lot of blogs. We pick out the articles that we think are funny, intelligent, thought-provoking, or simply make good discussion. We’re looking for articles that engage us. Then we share them with you.

Why? Elementary my dear orc – the most fun element of MMOs is the social side. It’s in their nature. So we’re aggregating Jolly Good articles and talking about them in the hopes that it’ll inspire you to do the same both here at the Pot and around the blogosphere or in game. If you’d like to recommend a blog or article you think is Jolly Good, feel free to prod our contact page.


“’…a fantastic place to go to find new blogs to read and pop in for an interesting discussion. Their community is a fantastic source and destination for a lot of my readership, which I sincerely appreciate.” – Blacksen of Blacksen’s End

“There was something missing in the blogosphere. We just didn’t know it until MMO Melting Pot swept in from nowhere and started to share their findings from the most obscure corners of the community. Under the command of the energetic Rebecca, MMO Melting Pot has established itself as one of the major institutions that brings glue to the community and helps us stay together. It’s as if they’ve always been there. It’s a remarkable breakthrough.”

– Larisa of The Pink Pigtail Inn upon awarding us a PPI Piggy Award in the category of Most Noticed Blogger Breakthrough.

So who are we?

No, we don’t wear a monocle. But we are a bit like that nutty but knowledgeable professor in the films who lives in his library with a crazy cat and keeps in shape by practicing Mesopotamian hunting techniques on books…

Rebecca Judd – Editor-in-Chief

Rebecca Judd is a freelance journalist. She’s the Chief Curator here at the Melting Pot and her rule is absolute. Until it breaks and she has to use a piece of string and two washing up bottles. She’s also an over-zealous English graduate and a part-time curmudgeon. Her first ‘main’ character in an MMO was a male human outfitted in a maniacal fish mask wielding two luminous axes, and she’ll thank you not to judge. At least on the axes. Rebecca also writes for the World of Warcraft blog World of Matticus under the name Mimetir and is a carebear raid leader who twitches at the word “defile”. She also rambles on her twitter feed @Juddr.

Hugh Hancock – Contributing Editor

Hugh Hancock is a filmmaker, author, journalist, and virtual transvestite. He doesn’t entirely know why all his MMO characters are female, but they are. When he’s not busy picking out new dresses or complaining about how Defile musses his tank’s hair, he’s a raid leader and keen theorycrafter in World of Warcraft, and a longtime game development commentator, and occasionally a horrified participant in Second Life. He Twitters at @hughhancock.

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Johnnie Ingram – Contributing Editor

Johnnie Ingram is a hacker, storyteller and geek, with a love of real ale and pedantry. He mainly plays World Of Warcraft, where he’s an addon-obsessed altoholic. He’s a Linux user (on which he refuses to compromise) and an open-source advocate (on which he refuses to shut up). His opinionated and expletive-ridden Twitter feed is @johnnieingram. Chances are, he’s standing in the fire as you’re reading this.

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Ross Bambrey – Contributing Editor

Ross Bambrey does too many things. He spends a lot of his time writing websites that he hopes one day will make him lots of money. Some of the rest of the time he spends wearing chainmail on film sets whilst trying desperately hard not to get hit with swords. He has just started raid leading again after a several year hiatus and now heals rather than tanks (cos that’s a mugs game innit?) In the past he has studied law and maths, managed a cafe, edited a feature film, been an academic, toured with a ballet company, acted, trained in screen combat with one of the best fight directors in the world, appeared on Merlin, performed at Glastonbury festival, performed at the launch of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and above all cultivated an unhealthy obsession with badgers. He also has a Ph.D in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics..