The Big Project: WoW Machinima film starring Anna Chancellor, Jack Davenport, Joanna Lumley, and BRIAN BLESSED

So yes – the big project that took me away from the Melting Pot is FINALLY OUT!

TRAILER – Death Knight Love Story Pt 1 – Jack Davenport, Anna Chancellor, Joanna Lumley, Brian Blessed from Strange Company on Vimeo.

Voiced by Hollywood stars (Jack Davenport, Anna Chancellor, Joanna Lumley and Brian Blessed), made using full Hollywood-grade motion capture and scored by BAFTA nominee Ross Campbell, Death Knight Love Story is a World of Warcraft-based Machinima fanfilm like no other.

It was written and directed by Hugh Hancock, director of “BloodSpell” and founder of

Death Knight Love Story (DKLS) is a tale of passion forged in the darkest, most dreadful place possible. It’s a tale of two people born with a searing flame who find each other, lose each other, and end up facing each other in battle, still desperately in love.

Based in Azeroth, the setting of World of Warcraft, DKLS tells the tale of a Death Knight, Miria, the redeemed servant of the Lich King, and Sir Zelieck, first of the Horsemen of Naxxaramas.

It tells how Miria went from being at the Lich King’s right hand to battling to save the North from his armies, and how Sir Zelieck fought the Lich King to his last breath, defied him even in death – and yet still ended up his servant, ruling his floating city of the damned.

Death Knight Love Story was made on a completely non-profit basis as a labour of love. It is arguably the biggest single non-profit Machinima project ever.

You can watch it right now, absolutely free, at [](

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What’ll Be On The Pot In The Next Few Months

So, I have a bit of an announcement to make.

For the next few months, I’m going to be insanely busy. As a result, I’m going to have to stop doing my weekly Melting Pot roundup.

I really enjoy reading around the community and assembling the best bits for you; however, I’ve got some major work opportunities coming up that I need to focus on.

BUT – and this is a big but – The Melting Pot won’t be going silent.

Firstly, if anyone fancies doing a roundup of their own, I’ll cheerfully post it here! Mail me at [email protected] .

But the main reason that the Melting Pot won’t be going silent is this: As many of you know, my main career is filmmaking, specifically Machinima (in-game) filmmaking.

(For those of you who don’t know – amongst other things, I founded the Machinima network.)

Some of the projects I’m working on are directly connected to WoW and the MMO community. They’re also somewhere between “pretty interesting” and “goddamn huge”.

I figure that most of you will be interested to hear about them – so I’ll be sharing updates on them here, as soon as I can.

So, look for the first bits and pieces coming out later this week, and rising to a steady stream from then on!

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The Newbie Blogger Initiative is BACK!

In some of the best news for the MMO community I’ve heard in ages, I’m very pleased to say that the Newbie Blogger Initiative is back!

Started by Syp, the Newbie Blogger Initiative started last year, aiming to get new blood into the MMO blogging community. It succeeded wildly, spawning a huge number of new blogs, many of whom are still updating.

This year it’s back, run by Doone of T.R.Redskies and Roger of Contains Moderate Peril. If it’s anything like last year, it’ll be a blast for readers, experienced bloggers, and new bloggers alike – definitely take the time to check it out and get involved!

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WoW: Gambling With Coin, The State Of Nerfs, And When To Stop

With Patch 5.4 having just hit (you’ve seen our Quick-Start Guides, right?), there’s lots going on in World of Warcraft right now.

From new topics like the Timeless Coin random reward chests to old staples like nerfing of raid content, here are some of the discussion highlights from the last week:

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EQNext Discussion And Debate

Everquest Next is still a long way away from our screens, but the unusually open development process is keeping the blogosphere debating its choices.

Today, we’ve got two really great, lengthy discussion posts – if this sort of debate keeps up, it bodes very well indeed for the game.

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Money, Chat and Crowdfunding

We’re opening up the week this week with a random links post – just as a bit of a difference!

So, if you fancy something short and interesting to read (or in one case watch), read on!

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WoW Patch 5.4 Quick-Start Guides For All Classes And Specs

Yes, it’s that time again – the time that the Melting Pot team burn the midnight oil to produce quick-start guides for every class and spec in a new World of Warcraft patch. This time it’s Patch 5.4 and Garrosh going mental.

Apologies these took a little longer than usual – busy week!

As always, if you have questions, comments or suggestions to improve these guides, please do say! These are quick-start guides – we link to more detailed guides at the bottom of each quick-start!

And if you find one of our guides useful, please do link to these quick-starts on your blog, on Twitter or on Facebook. We’d very much appreciate it!

Here we go, then – Patch 5.4 in all its glory…



Ranged DPS

Melee DPS

Hope they’re useful!

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Guides in progress!

Sorry about the slow updates this week! I’m working through the 5.4 Quick Start Guides for WoW, but unfortunately don’t have the time to do them all in a solid day like I usually do!

Still, tanks and healers are done, and mages should be finished by the end of the day too!

Normal service resuming next week, I hope.

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A Surprise New Contender In The MMO World?

There’s a surprise new hit in the making in the MMO world – or so it seems.

Yes, after the failures of recent Final Fantasy games, a lot of people (including me) had given up on the franchise. But the reviews coming out of the latest installment, the MMO A Realm Reborn, are startling – it seems like Final Fantasy might, indeed, have risen from its own ashes.

Should you give it a try? Well, here’s the latest…

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WoW Patch 5.4: The Roundup and Class Survival Guides

Yep, WoW’s Big Final Raid for Mists of Pandaria has arrived, and everyone’s either beating on Garrosh’s minions or running around the Timeless Isle grabbing coins like WoW’s a ’90s platformer.

But what does everyone think of this huge final installment for MoP? Is it a win or a meh?

Let’s go to the blogs…

Note: if you’re struggling to get acclimatised, I’ve also collected a bunch of survival guides for classes in Patch 5.4 at the end of this post!

General Reactions

Class Survival Guides

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