SWTOR: Preferred accounts And Children

by on August 15, 2013

Star Wars: The Old Republic seems to be having something of a renaissance right now.

We’re seeing more people post about it, more people say positive things about it, and in general more “vibe” about the game than virtually any time since launch.

Here’s what the SWTOR crowd are talking about this week:

  • Ravanal discusses something that seems very obvious when pointed out – where are all the children in MMORPGs? The discussion goes beyond SWTOR, but starts out asking that question of the Star Wars MMO.
    Read “SWTOR/LOTRO: Where are all the children?” »

  • Shintar recounts the experience her significant other had in SWTOR with his free “Preferred” account status.
    Read “Casually Preferred” »

  • And Redbeard tells of a successful SWTOR learning experience he had with his children.
    Read “Don’t Mind Red, He’s Got a Headache” »

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