MMO Design: The Future Is Now!

We’re in the future, these days.

We’ve got working Virtual Reality, self-driving cars, we’re working on replicators – it really feels like the future is here today.

So, is it time to rethink some of our assumptions about MMORPGs? That’s what EQNext seems to be proposing – and these bloggers, in different ways, agree:

  • Flosch looks at the concept of “zones” in MMOs, and asks if, in 2013, they’re waaaay too “theme-park”?

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  • Eric at Elder Game answers the question of whether it’s possible for a 2013 indie MMO to become a source of passive income – a self-sustaining “flywheel” business.

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  • Belghast asks whether now’s the right time for MMOs to stop losing content thanks to level creep, and instead to institute an Oblivion-style scaling system?

    Read “Evergreen Content ” »