Friday Links : Guild Wars 2 Hidden Lore and SWTOR PvP

It’s been a quieter week this week – but less dominant topics mean more cool random bits and pieces.

And so we close out the week with two interesting posts from two of the major MMOs we haven’t heard from this week: SWTOR and GW2…

  • Shintar’s very worried by what does indeed look like an incoming trainwreck in SWTOR – the upcoming PvP Arenas, which are planned to be non-optional for PvP players…

    Read “Going Commando: Meh, Arenas” »

  • And Jeromai delves into the mysteries of Guild Wars 2 lore in a really interesting post, starting from a look at some artwork and heading into deep, cross-game lore speculation about the future of GW2.

    Read “GW2: The Cliffs and the Colossus | Why I Game” »