Friday Links: Flex Raiding, Guild Leading and more

by on August 23, 2013

Only two weeks until the final raid of Mists of Pandaria – where does the time go?

Here’s our usual round-up of great blog posts that haven’t been about the hot topics of the week!

  • The Godmother looks at what might change in the new expansion, and worries that Blizzard is on the edge of scything away WoW’s remaining complexity.
    Read “ALT : ernative: Erase and Rewind” »

  • Rohan makes a really interesting point that the change to Paladins and Shamans being cross-faction in WOW appears to have done far more harm to the Alliance’s lore.
    Read “Blessing of Kings: What If Paladins Had Stayed Alliance-Only?” »

  • Theck writes a massive, comprehensive and fascinating look at the problems of burnout that Flex Raiding is causing, and all – and I do mean all – of the potential solutions.
    Read “Flex Capacitor | Sacred Duty” »

  • And congratulations to Kurn, who has just launched her new for-pay guide to running a guild in any MMO – looks like great stuff.
    Read “Launch Day! : Kurn’s Corner” »

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