Friday Link Roundup

by on August 16, 2013

It’s Friday already!

And here’s our semi-usual collection of great articles that didn’t fit into any of the major themes of the week.

  • Jaedia responds to an apparently pretty terrible BBC article about “Gaming Addiction” with an insightful look at whether these are really “just” games.
    Read “Gaming Compulsion is Not To Be Snivelled At ” »

  • Gazimoff writes in praise of the Wildstar RP community, and how they’re building and developing their roleplaying universe, free from the constrictions of already-developed lore.
    Read “Celebrating the Wrinkles” »

  • And Jester answers the question of whether EVE’s lore is important to him – and why that answer differs from the same question about other games.
    Read “My story is the same as yours just one chapter ahead” »

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