EQNext: Can The World Work and more

Everquest Next!

It’s no secret that everyone’s talking about it, thinking about it, and discussing it right now. I know it’s top of my “want to see” list.

So here’s the latest discussion from around the blogosphere:

  • Tobold looks at the history of games that have allowed players to modify the landscape, and proposes an answer to the question “could this possibly work?”.

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  • Milady has some worries about the way in which EQNext is proposing to approach story, from close personal encounters with villains to the looming shadow of tie-in books.

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  • Azuriel argues that technology or no technology, the only way “dynamic content” has ever worked in an MMO is when it was created by the players.

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  • And Rowan Blaze addresses Tobold’s point last week that the Real World doesn’t have levels – by providing examples of dozens of ways in which it does.

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