Lore, Grouping, And Made For The Role

And to round off the week, here are some of the other links that caught my eye!

It’s a quiet time in blogging right now – although I don’t see the “MMO Blogging Is Dying” malaise that other people are talking about – but there’s still a fair bit of interesting writing out there!

  • Rowan Blaze looks at the lore of The Secret World – this week looking into the real-world legends, folklore and esoterica behind golem-users the Guardians of Gaia.

    Read Lookin’ For Lore: Guardians of Gaia

  • The Grumpy Elf returns to a topic he’s considered before, asking if everyone has a role that they just fit perfectly in MMORPGS.

    Read Made For The Role »

  • And Keen and Graev offer some design suggestions, today looking at grouping in MMOs – how some games have made it more interesting in the past, and what developers of the future can do.

    Read How To Make Grouping More Fun »