Friday Links: Proving Grounds, Faction Walls and More

Sorry for the silence this week – personal matters have meant that I’ve been unexpectedly AFK.

But I have managed to get back here in time to do a Friday roundup! So, here’s the stuff that caught my eye over the last 24 hours:

  • The Grumpy Elf wrote a great piece about WoW’s upcoming Proving Grounds – as someone who has been calling for a benchmark for players for a while, he’s definitely one of the people Blizzard has to convince with this new feature. Did they?

    Read “Will Proving Grounds Help or Hurt?” »

  • Bhelgast writes a really interesting piece about the walls between in-game factions, and whether they’re actually necessary. Looking at games from Everquest to The Elder Scrolls, this one’s an informative and eye-opening read.

    Read “Abolish Faction Walls” »

  • Defying the latest news about WoW’s subscriber count, The Godmother looks back in the history of what Blizzard have said about future expansions to predict WoW’s next adventure.

    Read “Who Wants To Live Forever?” »

See you next week, when hopefully things will be well and truly back to normal – and I suspect we’ll be hearing about WoW’s subscriber loss and Blizz/Activision going independent…