Why Rogues Don’t Get To Endgame, And Other Fascinating WoW Mysteries

Cynwise’s stats on the WoW playerbase are rapidly becoming one of the highlights of the patch cycle.

For those of you who don’t know: every couple of months, Cynwise has had an ongoing project to investigate what classes in WoW are being played, getting to endgame, and participating in various types of content – and then to attempt to figure out why.

It’s absolutely fascinating stuff.

In this installment – the terrible state of Rogues, the over-dominant Priest, the rollercoaster ride of the Warlock and more…

“At all levels, there are more Rogues than Monks, Warlocks or Shaman. There are almost as many Rogues as there are Priests! But Rogues are not making it to level 90. The 5.14% in 5.1 could be assumed to be the Rogue mains with a job to do, but even with a healthy influx of level 90s after that, they are not playing in the endgame. That 12.42% outlier result is amazing. It’s terrible, but it’s amazing.

Some of this might be due to Rogue populations swelling in late Cataclysm for the legendary daggers. A large number of leveling PvP rogues might also account for it? I’m sure that the Rogue community will have much greater insight than I over it.

But right now, Warriors are behind the other hybrids by a little, and Rogues are behind the other pure DPS classes by a lot.”

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