Quests You’ll Never Want To Complete

I think we’ve all had these, in almost any MMO – the quest that’s just so fun, has such a nice side-perk, or is so key to the story that you’ll never want to complete it.

Today Rades looks at his “I will never” quests from WoW, from the story to the just plain fun. It’s an entertaining read, whether to pick up on quests you missed or just for the nostalgia factor…

“There’s obvious sentimental reasons for keeping the Cairne ones…they’re kind of, in in-game terms, his last words. But I also love the Garrosh quest, because it marked the first time we saw him in-game in a position of authority and responsibility. We saw him plenty in Wrath, being a brash jackass, but this quest text showed that he was turning over a new leaf and starting to think about the other mundane duties of being a leader – city repairs, bureaucracy, bills and paperwork clerical tasks…

Well, I guess we know that didn’t really work out. But it’s still fun to see what could have been.”

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