Is WoW on its way out? HELL NO.

That’s the rousing conclusion that The Godmother comes to this week. As we hit the end of the first week in June, and after May’s subscription drop and even discussion of WoW’s end, she’s extremely bullish on World of Warcraft’s future.

Indeed, she thinks that it might be about to get a massive positive push?

Why? Well, it all comes down to timing, and tiny bits of information – info about the movie, info about Project Titan, and more:

“Despite my protestations that last week was a slow news one, two rather important nuggets did appear: the first is the acknowledgement by Blizzard that ‘Project Titan’ won’t be available at the end of this year, but we’ll have to wait until 2016 to play it. The second is the Duncan Jones-helmed Warcraft movie is likely to begin filming ‘in the first quarter of 2014. At first it may not seem that these two announcements have that much linking them, until you go check in a search engine when Warcraft was first released. As if you weren’t already aware, the game will be ten years old on November 23rd 2014.

Suddenly, those two announcements become a great deal more interesting in a wider context.

I’m going to throw a large weapon at the Naysayers who think the end of Warcraft edges closer with every quarterly Activision profit announcement and reinforce the point I’ve made a few times here: Warcraft’s aiming to hang around at least a decade. At current production rates we can expect the movie to debut in that 10th Anniversary year, which is undoubtedly going to generate massive buzz for the game worldwide (and because Duncan Jones is making it we are assuming it WILL be awesome, if his previous CV is any indicator. Yes, we know he’s only made two films, but WHAT A PAIR!) If we look further ahead, I’d reckon that if Blizzard slip in one more expansion before that film (should be doable on current content release rates) that will also mean we’ll have that to co-incide with the film’s release.

I’d like to place an early bet that Mr Jones is making the movie ABOUT the Expansion we’ll see in 2015. ”

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