Is The GW2 Patching Process Screwed Up?

I’d never really thought about this, but one of the big cultural differences between MMOs is how they handle their updates.

For WoW, of course, each patch release is a mini-event – there’s buildup, there’s ferocious argument, there’s a tsunami of information accompanying each release.

But Guild Wars 2 has a very different policy – and as Morrighan argues this week, it might not be one that’s helping the game out…

” I had no idea when the patch would be during the 24 hour window given, but when a 1 hour warning came up I was part way through my daily. I tried to finish it, but of course I didn’t have an hour. It wasn’t ‘in’ 1 hour, but ‘within’ 1 hour. So I had to restart my daily. Grumble

But that was the worst of it. There were features in the patch that were announced very late or not announced at all. The patch notes were made available just a few hours before the update and nitty gritty detail of class changes only appeared then. The day of the patch ArenaNet announced the removal of paid tournaments, since the matchmaking system made them redundant. And when the patch appeared, it was complete with the ability to track achivements. Not just dailies, but any achievement. This is a particularly nice feature that was given no coverage at all.”

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