Dogfights And More: The Awesome Potential Future Of DUST

DUST 514 is still one of the most interesting experiments going on in the MMORPG sphere at the moment – a free-to-play MMO shooter that exists in the same world as, and theoretically interacts directly with, the long-running player-led space game EVE Online.

But Jester thinks that its future is much, much brighter. In a really interesting and frankly exciting post he looks at the ways that EVE and DUST could grow together, from trans-atmosphere fighters to entire EVE ships descending into the DUST sphere…

“Now even the possibility of what I’m thinking of is several years down the road. But suppose one of the DUST fighter types was trans-atmospheric, able to climb into low planetary orbit. And let’s further suppose that that’s where the eventual war barge is going to park. It’s logical: ships in space, MCC close to ground level, war barge in between. And over time, EVE players could be given the ability to pilot carrier-based fighters. I think this one is coming, too. Star Citizen is going to have it, and it makes enough sense that this was the basis of EVR, the game that CCP demoed at Fanfest.

If both games were developed in this direction, then it would be perfectly logical and possible for there to be EVE v. DUST player battles over the war barges, each player in the fighter type appropriate to their game.”

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