Woo for Wushu and more

Yep, it’s time for a Friday Evening Roundup! Everything from prettiness in LoTRO to an intriguing on-the-ground review of Age Of Wushu in our “stuff we couldn’t fit in the rest of the week” linkpost:

  • Julian at Kill Ten Rats has been playing Age Of Wushu, and finds it somewhat quirky, but very appealing“It’s not the best game there is, and it’s got many bad spots, but the good points outweigh the bad. Most definitely.”
  • It’s been a while since we featured any fantastic in-game screenshot “photography”, so here’s a particularly impressive shot from LoTRO
  • And Contains Moderate Peril offers some initial thoughts on the announcement of LoTRO’s new player council“It would appear that a lot of players have a different interpretation of exactly what the Council’s job is. A fact that has been exacerbated by the publication not only of the members forum names but their primary alt names and the server on which they reside. “