Will We Ever Find A New Home?

by on May 23, 2013

There’s no shortage of new MMOs rushing out to meet us these days, it would seem. Neverwinter, Defiance, Firefall, and the list goes on.

But will any of them ever achieve permanence? Will the community of roaming MMO players ever settle on a single game as they did on WoW, so many years ago?

Syl’s not sure if they will – and she explores this new, wierd MMO malaise in a new article:

“If we accept this as the future of MMOs, what does it mean for the social factor of the genre? How will bonds be formed within a community of game “grazers” – will they shift to other social media, without specific games retaining their own dedicated community? Or will the experience of playing with and inside an established player base simply disappear?

There have always been MMO players happy to solo and mind their own business, no matter what games they play. And then there are those still looking for the social gaming experience, scrutinizing new games for grouping and guild mechanics. Only – social and cooperative game design matters very little when games can’t retain that player base which would rather be inter-railing between virtual worlds. It seems to me this issue matters a great deal more right now than social game design, great group content, guild incentives and whatnot.”

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Solequin June 2, 2013 at 5:30 am

It’s hard to argue that WoW has been a stand-out with regard to longevity and in many cases community. It amazes me though at how many games come and go, whether the seemed to have a strong community or not.

I recall my days playing UO (Ultima Online) and we had a tremendous community, then came DAoC, and poof – the community was gone. And then came WoW, and poof – the DAoC community was gone.

Impermanence. Without a doubt.


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