DUST Advances On EVE Online

Last week was the annual EVE Fanfest, and as usual, there’s been no shortage of interesting news – including some rumours about the World of Darkness MMO that sadly I’ve not been able to verify.

But perhaps the most interesting news comes from Jester, who has been reporting on the apparent imbalance at the Fanfest between EVE content and that of DUST, EVE’s new FPS sister title…

“I’m already hearing from lots of players that CCP Presents was nothing more than a second DUST 514 keynote. No. Not true.

But you could be forgiven for thinking it was.

Now part of this is EVE players becoming more and more wary of DUST in its tail that wags the dog role. In talking about the PCU count, David Reid made it pretty clear that CCP expects the combined count of EVE and DUST concurrent players to pass 100k sometime this year. That means that it’s taken DUST eight months to find an audience equal to the size of EVE. And they seem to be holding on to that audience in a shooter for coming up on a year (a life-age of the earth in shooter ages). Let me clear my throat and say that again so that you hear it:

In less than a year, DUST has gained an audience equal that to the size of EVE Online.”

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