Snippets – need for revolution, Battling Bards, and What It’s Like For A Corp

Three quick links for excellent articles I found last week – or in one case the announcement of a really cool new project that I hope does really well!

  • Keen argues that MMOs desperately need a counter-revolution – a move backward in game design“MMOs were once achieving certain things, progressing (EQ/AC to DAoC to SWG, etc) but MMOs today are going down a path which leads them in a direction where it’s impossible to become better.”
  • Stabs gives us a description of what life in an EVE Online corporation is like“Pretty much every large nullsec entity in Eve has some pretty appalling characteristics including hazing of newbies, casual use of hate speech and an appetite for griefing outsiders, especially those in high sec. There’s also a lot of fun to be had there if you don’t let that bother you. “
  • And Syl and Syp have teamed up for a great new project – a podcast called “Battle Bards” that focuses on MMO music

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