Roundup: Super Adventure Box in GW2, Defiance, Storm Legion – good or not?

We’ve had a great crop of “impressions” posts in the last couple of days for a variety of new or new-ish additions to the MMO world.

I’d not had time to check most of these out, so I found everything here really interesting – and if you’re considering what to play next, or whether to return to an old game, this stuff’s for you:

  • The Ancient Gaming Noob ponders why he doesn’t get on with RIFT’s apparently ground-breaking Storm Legion expansion“The ideas about the use of space changed with Storm Legion.”
  • Chris at Level Capped checks out the new FPS-ish MMO from RIFT developers Trion, Defiance – which is twinned with a TV show” I suspect that once the show starts, the flow will be “watch the show, jump into the game to see what (if anything) has happened as far as crossovers, play and monitor the game stories during the week, and watch the show to see what leaked in from the game.”
  • And Jeromai waxes lyrical about the fun he’s been having with Guild Wars 2’s new whimsical Super Adventure Box“I think the biggest compliment that I can give the Super Adventure Box is that I’m late in blogging about it.”