It’s Election Time in EVE Online!

EVE Online is more “real” than many MMOs in a lot of ways – but one of the most innovative is its “player council”, which actually acts as a form of government, directly reporting to and advising the game developers.

It’s a very big deal in the EVE world – and a fascinating experiment for anyone who plays another MMO to watch.

Right now, election time has come round for the CSM – the Council of Stellar Management, aka the player council – and the EVESphere’s alight with fascinating articles about and around the entire process:

  • Roc Wieler, aka Marcus, writes a fascinating post about the problems he has getting votes for the CSM – entirely because of the personality he role-plays in his EVE Online character” To me, I am Roc Wieler in EVE Online. I don’t walk around as Marcus. I don’t talk in chat as Marcus. Nobody knows Marcus. People know Roc Wieler. But this isn’t ingame. This is a player based election.”
  • Nosy Gamer gives us a rundown of key non-obvious facts about the CSM” A good idea will generate momentum all on its own, and it is the task of the CSM to not only track these discussions, but to engage the populace as much as possible in the interest of sustaining that momentum until the issue is brought to closure.”
  • Jester analyses the proclamation about the CSM elections by the infamous Goonswarm (led by The Mittani and birthed from the website Something Awful) – “Essentially, this entire section of the GSF CEO Update can be summarized as “The CSM doesn’t matter in the slightest (so we want to utterly control it).” “
  • And making the entire thing feel more like a real-life election, Random Average offers thoughts on the CSM election along with a get-out-the-vote message!“What matters is that the mere existence of the CSM is an unprecedented thing in the MMO industry. “