Game Report Roundup

Interested in trying out a new MMO? As usual, there are more options out there than anyone could have time to explore.

Here are the latest batch of reports from brave pioneers venturing into the latest, greatest, or just strangest options available in the MMOSphere…

  • Healing The Masses has been checking out Darkfall, and so far feels it has good ideas, but awful execution“This is puzzling though as this isn’t their first rodeo, they have developed and run a game,the same game previously so I just can’t understand why this version is still so lacking.”
  • Ardwulf has been taking a look at Age Of Wushu, finding it very promising if not terribly accessible” it is very significantly different from the western MMO play experience, both because it is an unconventional sandbox and because it’s from offshore”
  • The guys at Massively played the uber-sexist MMO Scarlet Blade so we don’t have to“Heck, if you really want to see your women objectified, you can play TERA for the same price of entry. At least the combat there is good.”
  • And Imperial Intelligence’s Targeter questions why he, a SWTOR blogger, isn’t very thrilled by the new SWTOR planet“I miss the galaxy-hopping. I miss the planets I visited, adventured on, and left a conquering hero (or villainous bastard).”