Back To The Noob State

We finish off the week with a short, fun, interesting piece from Bravetank, as she delves once again into the cold, unforgiving space of EVE Online.

Ever wondered what might possess someone to jump into something that’s famously one of the least friendly and least forgiving game environments available? Well, Bravetank’s not only done it once – she did it once, and now she’s gotten the craving to do it again…

“So I picked up a Level 1 Distribution mission from a Duvolle Lab agent. It all looked straight forward, but the mission details did say I would be passing through a low sec area if I used the automatic route. Ok I thought, never seen that before, but surely they wouldn’t really put me in danger for a Level 1 mission, would they? Surely it’s just an overly dramatic piece of text to give the mission some edge. Of course. That’s what it is.

So I accepted the mission, set destination, undocked & went on Automatic pilot, and picked up my book to read while I traveled through LOW SEC space.

Yes there are names for people like me. Don’t put them in the comments. You’ll hurt my feelings.”

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