Will you regret gaming on your deathbed?

“I can’t believe I spent all that time playing WoW.”

If you haven’t heard those words from an evangelical ex-WoW player, you’re quite unusual. Gaming seems, for a lot of people, to occupy the same mental space as smoking – a shameful habit that provides endless fodder for self-congratulation if avoided. But unlike smoking, is that actually a reasonable way to look at games?

I’d imagine most of us would say not – but why? For that we have to turn to Syl’s excellent dissection of the subject, in which she recounts an encounter with an evangelical ex-WoWer, and just why she felt he was so very wrong:

“Sometimes I still wonder, in a brief moment of desperate frustration, how long is it gonna take? How much more established do videogames need to become in contemporary, western culture to be regarded just as any other hobby out there that isn’t necessarily making “financial profit”(?) That isn’t productive on a first-glance or physically tangible level (tangible on many other levels though). Heck, some hobbies are actually downright detrimental to your health and wellbeing and even those are more accepted than gaming. It’s nuts.

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