No New Dungeons? What Does That Mean For WoW?

Yep, the word is out – there will be no new 5-man dungeons, at all, for the rest of Mists of Pandaria.

That’s pretty startling news – but what does it mean?

Well, several bloggers have been looking into that very question – and they’ve got some interesting theories…

  • Azuriel thinks that the very notion of a 5-man dungeon is outdated in modern WoW, and he thinks we might be inches away from them disappearing entirely“Are they necessary for anything anymore? “Practice for raiding?” I don’t know if anyone would agree that they have such an effect, if they ever did. “
  • And The Grumpy Elf actually thinks this is a really good thing that will free up resources for other areas of the game“As far as I see it, no new five mans means we have the potential for more content, better content, and I actually am being pushed to play those characters I do not play often more. “

What do you think?