Is EVE Online Brutal Enough Already?

EVE Online’s universe is split largely by degree of safety. There’s the wilds of Nullsec, where the only safety is belonging to a large player corporation. There’s lowsec, which has some NPC support, but not much. And then there’s Highsec, which is – in theory at least – patrolled by NPC peacekeepers.

But is Highsec too safe? Should it be made riskier to make EVE more fun? That’s what a lot of commentators on EVE Online have been claiming – but veteran EVE blogger Jester doesn’t agree, and he explains why in a fascinating discussion of how high-sec PvP has evolved. It’s a little EVE-jargon heavy, but if you’re at all familiar with the world of EVE, you’ll be able to follow it:

“Is high-sec “too safe”? In my opinion, no. People who do dumb things with their expensive or even not-so-expensive toys are getting themselves killed with no war-dec in evidence and CONCORD reduced to a foot-note in the affair. If you leave an expensive Antonov AN-12 cargo plane unguarded in the plains of New Eden, you’ll soon find it reduced to metal scraps. And this is particularly true if you choose to go AFK with your ship in space or use auto-pilot. The system, in short, is working as designed… again, in my opinion.

While I understand the desire to make high-sec less safe, the problem with doing so is that the advantage right now is still in the hands of the gankers. And even if all other factors were eliminated, the reason for this is that they get to choose the terms of the engagement.”

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