How’s Guild Wars 2 doing?

It’s incredibly active, it’s very controversial, and it’s never out of the headlines for long, but how well is Guild Wars 2 actually doing?

Well, after the introduction of new outdoor loot options, several bloggers are arguing – with persuasive evidence – that it’s not only doing well, but much better than most traffic numbers would suggest:

  • Kill Ten Rats looks at the active support and development of community tools for GW2, even ones that fix major limitations with the game itself“With almost 3 million LFG’s created, I’d say there is significant demand for this community tool.”
  • And Bhagpuss reports back from the front lines, telling tales of joyfully overcrowded and really fun-sounding times on his server“The run up to every chest-dropper is like a little mini-event in itself, with impromptu costume brawls, dance parties and heavy map banter. The spirit is good because, by and large, people are getting what they want and they don’t mind waiting for that. “

How’s GW2 doing for you?