Crazed Bloggers Play 10 MMOs in 10 Days

In one of the coolest and craziest blogging projects I’ve heard of for a while, Syp, Jeromai and other bloggers are taking on the ultimate MMO challenge:

10 days. 10 MMOs they’ve never played before.

Will they love ’em? Will they find a new favourite? Will they even manage to get past the installer?

It’s only day 2 of the challenge, and already Runescape, Aion, and several other MMOs have gone under the microscope:

  • Syp’s the originator of the idea, and has already tested out Runescape and Aion, with more to come“At the very worst, I’ll get a bunch of new stories and posts out of it, and at the very best, an MMO might surprise me and hook me in.”
  • Jeromai has leaped on the project with gusto, and has so far tested Maple Story and Mabinogi“I chucked in a baker’s dozen instead of ten, as I’m really not sure some offer free trials. If they don’t, they’re off the list.”
  • And Nerdy Bookahs has only tested out The Missing Ink so far, but gives a thorough writeup“it doesn’t get a bad review from me, because me not liking the style does not mean the game is bad. It just means “not for me””