Will The DUST / EVE Connection Work?

This year’s “under a rock” MMO news is that uber-hardcore PvP game EVE Online now has a sister game – and it’s a shooter, set in the same universe, connected to the same economy.

That sounds hella neat. But how will that work? WILL it work at all? Veteran blogger Stabs has been looking at the details, and he’s, frankly, a little concerned:

“DUST currently has a fixed price market for goods. Bringing in the Eve players could see a price hike that makes it hard for DUST players, especially late adopters to buy gear effectively meaning that they would need to spend AUR for blueprints (or simply stop playing once they’ve run out of money). There are crappy free suits you can use but then you really are cannon fodder, even more so once the DUST population ages a bit and the new guys are up against maxxed out opponents.

There really needs to be the equivalent of Eve’s rifter heros – low skill new players who can be extremely useful in a fight between the big boys and there’s simply no role for rubbish players. Worse, as DUST battles are decided on kills that “blueberry” (as they call new people in DUST) who has got 0 kills and 10 deaths is costing the veterans victory and money. We’ll probably see players starting to get hostile towards the new and under-powered because of this design.”

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