Should GW2 give in and introduce quests already?

by on February 21, 2013

Everything old is new again. Guild Wars 2, famous for its innovative “no quests” MMO gameplay, now has a growing demand from players for old-school, kill-ten-rats quests as part of its game world.

But why? Well, there are definitely problems with the way the game works already – but does that mean that quests are the solution? Jeromai of Why I Game really doesn’t think so – and he takes the “gief quests plox” argument apart in a fascinating post looking at the problems and solutions of GW2′s current gameplay style:

“As for stories, well, even across the open world, some of the dynamic events may feel more generic than others – nameless bandits, centaurs, Inquest, Risen, whoever, just rushing to the slaughter.

But I remember Rhendak the Crazed pretty well, mostly because I keep joking he’d have to be crazy to sit all day underwater waiting for people to come by. I remember the ghosts in Barradin’s vault VERY well, because Ivor Trueshot kept pwning my lowbie and Horace still tears up my downleveled 80 and I recall them as people from Guild Wars 1. I even remember the Bane warband going on their regular ghost patrol, if only because they and my character share part of their surnames.

(I even remember that most useless group of almost-pacifist ogres that need their hand held with everything – even if I don’t remember their names.)

I think what we’d really like is to get to know some of the characters in the open world a little more. Learn their names. Hear their stories. Get involved in meaningful ways. Bring a little more personal story into the world story.”

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Colerejuste February 21, 2013 at 10:56 pm

There are other ways. GW2 have plenty of quests for people leveling, by way of hearts. There’s dynamic events, which are a quest of sort, except instead of boring quest text, there’s usually a script that involves NPCs moving around, taking and playing out the lead for the quest. And then there are the monthly events, bring new unique content with *gasp* quests!

I’d much rather that ArenaNet put effort into those monthly events, instead of boring quest text. After all, unless it’s a daily / repeatable quest, that boring quest text is good for one use per character.

Although, I’ll admit, this quarters theme of Fire and Frost (or Frost and Fire) has been a little luke warm. Perhaps it will heat up when the month draws to a close.


Victor September 2, 2014 at 12:17 pm

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