Readjusting To Life In The Casual Lane

Ever had a huge project, one which has consumed most of your life? And then, one day, it’s finished – and you don’t know quite what to do?

I’m a filmmaker, so I certainly know that feeling. And that was what I found so interesting about Beruthiel’s latest post – she’s going through a very similar experience, having decided to stop raiding in WoW. From the feelings of “what now?” to the new activities she’s loving, it’s a really interesting piece:

“It took me some time, but eventually I realized that stopping raiding wasn’t closing a door for me – but rather it was opening about one hundred other doors. All of the sudden I had all of this free time to do whatever I felt like doing, and this realization was freeing. It was like someone turned on a light bulb over my head, and all of the sudden I was making lists of things I wanted to accomplish in WoW and started checking those things off those lists.

And the best part? Everything is on my schedule.

If I want to log in and play, I can. If I’d rather sit down at watch 4 hours of Buffy, I can. And it is…liberating (in its own way). I guess it just took me a bit of time to be comfortable with this new found free time and work out, in my own way, how WoW now fit into my (suddenly open) schedule. I will admit, making the adjustment was more challenging that I thought it would be. The adjustment of more free time was immediate and welcome, but the adjustment of figuring out how new WoW fit into my life was not as seamless as I would have thought.”

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