Is WoW’s Votekick System Still Ridiculous?

It’s not a new topic of discussion, but that’s because it’s still annoying. Yep, it’s the perennial WoW debate around griefers, LFD, and the votekick system – a system which many players have argued for several years is completely broken.

Today, veteran blog That Was An Accident is the latest to express frustration with the votekick system, in an excellent, heartfelt piece of blogging. They argue that LFD votekick is a system which they argue holds the rest of the group hostage so as not to risk offending griefers:

“I have seen times ranging from seconds to four hours. If the delay remaining is under ten seconds, just let the player be kicked now. Any wait period over five or even ten minutes is ridiculous given the speed at which most folks rocket through dungeons. Any duration longer than the time needed to actually complete the dungeon is pointless – you can’t kick them, ever, no matter how badly they treat you or the party. With the current setup, you can only leave (or abandon, whatever you’d like to call it) and get Deserter status for refusing to feed the trolls/get stressed out/play in a world where inconsiderate behavior is the norm.

Look, beating your head up against a brick wall does nothing to build community, protect people from trollish behavior or help people learn how to cooperate with each other. It makes tanks quit and turns the rest into cynics who talk about how Barrens chat was better than Trade and woe the WoW community is a piece of crap nowadays RIP Vanilla forever. I’d gladly take Deserter status over dying with every other pull, and I’m the sort of person who tries to teach huntards how to turn off Growl.”

Read That Was An Accident’s post here