From The Designer: How Attumen The Huntsman Came To Be

by on February 4, 2013

Now here’s something I don’t recall ever seeing before – a behind-the-scenes look at how a World of Warcraft raid boss was designed, right from the ground up.

Alexander Brazie is an ex-Blizzard designer, responsible for parts of some of WoW’s most iconic raids. This week he gave us a rare insight into how those raids came to be, as he took us through the design process of his first raid encounter at Blizzard – the first encounter of TBC-era raid Karazhan, Attumen The Huntsman:

“It was a warm day in May when I walked in the doors of the unlabeled entrance to Blizzard HQ, hidden deep in the heart of a school campus. After the usual couple hours of HR paperwork and contract signing, I was brought upstairs to the WoW team floor and deposited in the middle of the hallway/meeting room where the other game designers were sitting.

They were excitedly discussing the plans they had in store for the final boss of Karazhan, a 10-man raid instance – the first of its kind for the team. ”

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