Do WoW Paladins Have A Haste Problem?

Mists of Pandaria saw the biggest shake-up of how World of Warcraft tanks are played since the beginning of the game, with the new “active mitigation” philosophy and a total change in how tanks choose their stats.

By and large, it’s been a success. But with any massive change come some issues, and right now, Paladins are staring one of those issues in the face.

Are Paladins really back in the bad old “get DPS gear” days? What are the designers to do to balance the spec without making it boring? Well, fortunately uber-theorycrafter Theck is on the case, and in this particularly fascinating piece, he covers everything from the maths behind the problem to ways that Blizzard can resolve the dichotomy that, it turns out, underlies this apparently minor problem:

“The problem we’re facing isn’t just a case of haste being too strong. It’s good, but it’s not really all that strong compared to the defensive alternatives. Hit and expertise are strong, but haste, mastery, and avoidance are all fighting for a distant third place trophy. Haste just has better fringe benefits than the others.

The real problem is that avoidance is too weak, too passive, and too boring. And to add insult to injury, it’s anti-synergistic with active mitigation stats. So if we choose gear to make our active mitigation better, it makes avoidance even less attractive to us.”

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