Do MMOs make you feel old?

When I started playing World Of Warcraft, I was in my twenties. These days, I’m… older than that.

And the MMO genre has been around for longer than WoW. There are people out there who have been playing MMOs for 15 years or more – some of whom are probably reading this right now. So, the question becomes – at what point does the genre start to make you feel old?

That’s the question that Gordon at We Fly Spitfires covered this weekend, in a very interesting editorial:

“I realised the other day when talking to my new guild in World of Warcraft (I finally found one that’s comprised of people who actually like to chat) that most of them had no clue to the prior existence of any other MMORPG. A discussion about how it would be nice if WoW encouraged more grouping almost got me on my high horse about how lucky we actually are now that it’s not a mandatory component of progression à la the original Everquest. As nostalgic as I sometimes get, I’m delighted that in most MMOs today a play session doesn’t require four hours out of your life and a bucket under your desk to pee into (AFK biobreaks are for whimps). It dawned on then that I’ve been enjoying this genre since 1999, a staggering 14 years. A lifetime for some of my fellow gamers.”

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