Are MMO Developers Colorblind To Some Major Discrimination?

Are MMOs discriminatory against a significant segment of the population? Yes – they might just be.

That’s the startling conclusion that Hawtpants of the Old Republic’s Njessi has come to recently, after her SWTOR guild added a new member – who is colorblind – and she realised that at least one of SWTOR’s fights is almost impossible for a colorblind person. And thinking about it, I’m pretty sure there have been similar color-dependent fights in other MMO raids, including WoW…

“Yes, that’s right. Terror from beyond – the boss that most people refer to as the “color boss.” The colors are orange, yellow, blue, and purple. With blue and purple looking about the same, and orange and red looking about the same too, there is no easy way to simply assign the color blind person to the color “easiest to see” because there is none.”

“It has completely changed the way I think about this fight. The first time I was in here, I thought “wow! This is fun and inventive!” Now I’m frustrated with the damn thing because it’s virtually impossible for someone with a fairly common and mild disability.”

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