A Massive, Fascinating MMO Player Survey

Want something seriously meaty, research-based, insightful, and debate-starting? Then you’re in the right place today.

Rowan Blaze conducted a huge survey of MMORPG gamers in September last year, and it has taken him this long to write up all his results. But now he’s done so, the results are massive, fascinating and sometimes unexpected:

“Another perennially hot topic you may recall from this summer is the issue of, shall we say, inappropriate costuming for female characters in our various games. I saw more and more complaints about the dearth of body-type and armor-coverage options as the year went on. People don’t all want their avatars to run around as if they’re part of a Frazetta painting. I myself am of two minds here. There are times when I am perfectly OK with a skimpy costume on an attractive female computer generated model. However, I also find that sometimes the choices are ridiculous. Take for instance, the high-level female human cultural medium (and light) armor in GW2. I find myself clothing my females in “practical” garb, unlike some people.

In asking the following question, I wanted to find out how people feel about about how gender/sex is portrayed in the games they play. I wasn’t concerned about non-gender costume issues like oversize shoulder pads or unrealistically huge swords.”

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