Why Gimmicky Boss Fights Are Better

Hate boss fight gimmicks? You’re in good company. Indeed, from time to time most of us have wished for MMOs to go back to the “good old days” of straightforward, just-the-mechanics fights rather than whatever the latest raid gimmick is.

But today you might have your mind changed, as The Ancient Gaming Noob lays out the case for why gimmick-laden boss fights are great:

“While the stand up boss fight is the exception as opposed to the rule these days, you do still run into them. They get labeled as “simple tank and spank” and generally pose no issue to any group that is within the range and equipment parameters of the dungeon.

And that is the problem, really. They offer little or no challenge, unless your group isn’t up to par. I actually think that the first boss in every instance ought to be a hit point heavy tank and spank that tests the group’s ability to perform their basic roles, if only to act as a “you must be this powerful to hope for success in this dungeon” gate.

Fight gimmicks are in boss fights to make things interesting, to change things up, and to keep things from getting boring. And such things have been in for a long time. Dragons back in the MUD days always had special attacks and breath weapons had special effects. I recall one that would cause your bag to be destroyed if you did not have protection from cold on you. There would go all your extra gear and loot!”

Read The Article: http://tagn.wordpress.com/2013/01/15/bosses-and-gimmicks-and-nostalgia/